I would like to commission Mona to create a mural in a particular location. What's the first step?

Nice, thank you for your interest!

In order for Mona to get a sense of the scope of the project and get back to you about about timing, pricing and availability, it is helpful for her to receive some basic information from you, both about the wall and about you.

About you:

  • your contact info, organization or company name
  • Some words on what the mural would be for, who its intended viewers would be.

About the wall:

  • the measured size of the wall
  • the full street address of the location
  • photos of the wall, from its most typical or primary viewing points. If the wall is fully visible from the street, Mona can check it out on Google street view using the location address.  If the wall is under construction, please send architect's drawings in .pdf form
  • photos of the wall's context, to give a sense of what's around it and in front of it.

Email the above to Mona. Thank you!


What does it cost to commission Mona to do a mural?

Unfortunately there isn't a pre-set price per square foot. The main parameters that influence pricing are:

  • The size of the surface area to be designed

  • The final design’s detail density relative to the area. “Detail density” means the level of intricacy, the scale of details.

This means that a larger wall isn't necessarily more expensive, and vice versa: a small but very detailed mural may be more expensive. An example of an extremely high detail density mural might be The Market Street Railway Mural, and an example of a low detail density would be the large element in the mural called Taking Root.

Please contact Mona to discuss the viewing distance, the specific narrative or purpose that your mural project may have. Mona can then provide a range estimate for different detail densities for you to consider.

I would like to work as Mona's assistant

I am very touched and honored by the number of people contacting me with such a request.

The reality is that these requests outnumber the actual commissions I get, so please forgive my not being able to accommodate them.  It is also impossible for me to predict what kind of help I might need in future commissions. In truth, it's about catching me at the right time.

If I need help for an upcoming project, I post it on my Facebook page. So serendipity is key.

Mural Painting in general ---> How to paint a mural: materials & techniques

I recommend using only single-pigment paints, and only pigments that are both lightfast and resistant to acidity. Beware of colors listed as lightfast, but which don't withstand other outdoor conditions. Avoid Cadmiums for this reason.

For excellent information on recommended materials, see Novacolor's mural painting tips.

Mural painting in general ----> how to make a mural last?

Joel Pomerantz, the coordinator of the Duboce Bikeway Mural, has compiled his research on this topic in his article: Making Your Mural Last: Graffiti, Varnish & Wall Chemistry. The article is old, but techniques and materials have not changed significantly since he wrote this.