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This section contains my documentation of some of the rallies and direct actions to which I was able to contribute with my artwork, as well as some street art pieces I created specifically in support of an issue. 

In most of the examples that involve art for mass street actions, I worked in team with my longtime friend and comrade-in-art, the organizer, artivist and puppetista David Solnit, thanks to his instigation and collaboration. I join him in making, and in facilitating the collaborative creation of, portable images that are used to amplify the visual impact of rallies, while adding the experience of art making and the language of theater to the actions and struggles.

The street art pieces are more closely related to my other mural work, but are in this section if they were instigated by activist groups, or if they were made in support of a specific issue, during a moment of heightened public debate around it.