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Murals about history & place

These are murals telling a story about the very place they are located in. All my murals are site specific, but these are more literally so. They are centered on the social practice of using art to create social interaction, in which people reflect on the history, current state, and better potential, of the very space they find themselves in.

The storytelling details in these murals are often so tiny, that they are invisible from afar. So these pieces don't Instagram well, they are not for fast consumption. To be seen, they require slowing down, stepping up close to take in the messages. This sequestration of time from our sped-up lives is part of these mural’s goal.

Most of the "big miniature paintings" in this section date from my first decade of mural painting, in the two-thousands. Some took months to complete, and involved an extensive interactive community process that the mural remained permeable to throughout its making.