The blockprint style is based on the look of intaglio prints, such as linoleum cut. Some I carve and print by hand, and others I create digitally, using scanned hand-made textures.

Some of the the logos and labels created in this style have been featured in the design annual Graphis, and this is my favored style for illustration assignments.

A series of block prints of iconic vegetables.   view
A series of illustrations created for a book of short stories written for the waning of the year. view
Images of activities: gardening, sculpting, making theater. view
Images of the Centovalli region in Ticino, Switzerland. view
Five circular icons for the book "American Indian: Celebrating the Voices, Traditions, & Wisdom of Native Americans"   view
A scene from Goethe's Faust. view
Hand-made two-tone prints. view
Two illustrations of a Chinese folk take.  view
3 Illustrations for Stern Grove music festival. view
Hamlet performed at Shakespeare in the Park,  in Golden Gate park, San Francisco. view
I've been doing illustrations for Odell's labels for over a decade. Here is the classic original collection. view
Labels with seasonal colors and concepts. view
Bold designs and quirky concepts - So popular, people got tattoos of them!   view
Cover illustration for a book of love poems on a travel theme, by Zack Rogow. view