Vive la vélorution!

Here are some of my images of celebration and advocacy of the bicycle as everyday transportation. They are about the bike as a vehicle for a more convivial public space, a chiller lifestyle pace, and fewer noxious gasses. 

Since some of these pieces are still being widely circulated, I'm making them available here in better quality for non-commercial use by bicycle advocacy groups. (Please note the copyright terms of each image because they vary. Higher resolution versions are available upon request.)

Also in this section are some bicycle-themed murals. See also images under Theme > Utopia, many of which show bicycle-filled cityscapes.

Bicycling overturning car dependency view
Poster for Calfee Bamboo Bikes by Mona Caron
Bicycle poster for Calfee, makers of bamboo bicycles. view
Tenth Anniversary of Critical Mass Poster by Mona Caron
Poster for the 10th anniversary of San Francisco's bicycle movement Critical Mass. view
Twentieth Anniversary of Critical Mass Poster by Mona Caron
Poster for the 20th anniversary of San Francisco's bicycle movement Critical Mass.  view
Bicycle Revolution by Mona Caron
A picture of the changes that bicycling for transportation can bring. view
Turn Left by Mona Caron
There is a choice ahead. Do we keep going straight? view
A cover for the SF Bay Guardian   view
A digital sketch.   view
Duboce Bikeway Mural by Mona Caron
A 6000 square foot mural celebrating the first street segment in San Francisco to be converted into a bicycle path. The long painting describes a bicyclists' route crossing San Francisco from East to West. view
Curitiba bike flower - Mona Caron
A mural created for the 2014 World Bicycle Forum in Curitiba, Brazil, celebrating the blossoming of the city through its embrace of lighter-treading means of every-day transportation.  view
Cracking the pavement, spreading the seeds of a simple solution to much of what ails our urban centers... A corner-wrapping piece in Porto Alegre, Brazil, for the second World Bicycle Forum.  view
Collaboration with Colombian artist and musician Zatélite Afrobeat: a 500 foot long mural for the 2015 World Bicycle Forum in Medellín, Colombia.  view