A series of block prints of iconic vegetables.   view
Images of activities: gardening, sculpting, making theater. view
Images of the Centovalli region in Ticino, Switzerland. view
Five circular icons for the book "American Indian: Celebrating the Voices, Traditions, & Wisdom of Native Americans"   view
Hand-made two-tone prints. view
A literary arts project of the Creative Work Fund,  written by Rebecca Solnit, illustrated by Mona Caron, and published by Heyday Books in Berkeley, in collaboration with the East Bay Zoological Society and the Oakland Zoo. view
small study. view
Monarchs and Queens map by Mona Caron for "Infinite City - A San Francisco Atlas" by Rebecca Solnit
Illustration for a map of butterfly habitats and queer public spaces in San Francisco, part of "Infinite City - A San Francisco Atlas" by Rebecca Solnit. view
Watercolor study view
The Great and Wondrous Pacific Ocean Cover illustration by Mona Caron
An illustrated map of the Pacific Ocean, showing wondrous creatures as well as dangers affecting the Ocean.  view
Book cover for "Califlora - A literary Field Guide" published by Heyday Books. view