Tight watercolor, no line

Some of my past illustration work in watercolor. I no longer prefer working in this technique, but since a few of these items are still being widely re-used, I'm making them available here for non-commercial use.

Please note the copyright terms of each image, use where permitted and with credit, and contact me for higher resolution files.

Bicycling overturning car dependency view
Poster for Rupa & The April Fishes concert at The Independent, San Francisco. view
RUPA and the April Fishes CD Artwork by Mona Caron
CD cover for Rupa & The April Fishes' first album, "eXtraOrdinary rendition". view
small study. view
Cover Illustration by Mona Caron from Boy Without a Name
32-page children's book of a folk tale from Afghanistan's Sufi tradition. view
Monarchs and Queens map by Mona Caron for "Infinite City - A San Francisco Atlas" by Rebecca Solnit
Illustration for a map of butterfly habitats and queer public spaces in San Francisco, part of "Infinite City - A San Francisco Atlas" by Rebecca Solnit. view
Two images, two opposites: vertical Dystopia, and horizontal Utopia. view
Crazy Making Jobs by Mona Caron
About repetitive jobs and their toll on mental health. view
Watercolor study view
some illustrations for kids. view
mending the heart. view