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Envisioning a transformation into a better future.  In this section are illustrations as well as specific parts of my murals on this theme.

Bicycling overturning car dependency
Two images, two opposites: vertical Dystopia, and horizontal Utopia.
A picture of the changes that bicycling for transportation can bring.
There is a choice ahead. Do we keep going straight?
Series of 9 illustrations playfully imagining a future San Francisco utopia, post- sea level rise. Created for the SF Bay Guardian newspaper.
This is the Eastern wall of a diptych at the site of a weekly farmer's market. It contains vignettes showing the neighborhood in the past, and in a utopian future fantasy.
When you look at this utility box from a specific viewpoint, its perspective lines will match those of its surroundings, providing a glimpse into an alternative reality.
In the 8th and last panel of this mural in San Francisco, I depicted a re-imagined Market Street, with daylighted creeks, new transit modes, re-purposed buildings, etcetera. 
This is the part of this mural that became a vehicle for the community to envision an alternative future, another way for their community to exist. The mural incorporated wishes and dreams by people in the street, who were portrayed in the painting in charge of, or participating in, their manifested idea.